At Origins, we strive to identify emerging trends and deliver solutions that are ground-breaking and a step ahead of the times. We lead the way with our growing network of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), mobile LED Vans and large-format LED displays in hospitals, malls, airport and other public areas. Our portfolio of digital network has gained us a reputation of a digital advertising and brand development leader.



* Dynamic full-motion displays and wide-viewing angles maximise impact.

Live coverage and relay of content across the multiple LED screens and LED vans in real time

Direct webcasting by live streaming of coverage on online channels like YouTubeLive content on mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.

* LED Vans- Display at desired locations or ‘on the move’ broadcast for target audience. Serves as an Interactive medium, live or otherwise.

* DOOH- Audio-visual communication combined with the visibility of outdoor.